Maritime SAR Services is Irelands leading marine search and rescue training and consultancy provider.  Founded in 2008 and based in the West of Ireland on the wild Atlantic coast the team has amassed 1,000’s of hours of training and assessment in all possible conditions.  The team at Maritime SAR is made up of experienced SAR operators each of whom has developed their skills over many years of dedicated training and response.  They have also gained instructor and coach qualifications to provide certified training and assessment on behalf of Irish Sailing, The Royal Yachting Association and The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.

Maritime SAR works with national agencies to provide SAR training, assessment and consultancy services and this work is driven by the company mission to improve safe and effective operations of all the crews they engage with.

In recent years the Maritime SAR team have brought their skills and expertise to other marine sectors including fish farming, seaweed harvesting, offshore wind platforms for both private and public sector clients.  Bespoke procedures and training have been developed to increase safety standards and improve emergency response capabilities.  Maritime SAR is committed to remaining at the forefront of SAR and marine training and continuing to promote and provide industry-leading training.